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Ways to Protect Your Company From Potential Cyber Threats

Companies rely on important data every day for financial and research purposes. When a cyber threat occurs, small and medium-sized businesses are impacted the most. This can cause a major loss in identity theft both to employees and employers, exploit wrongful personal data or policies and possibly cause an abrupt shut down on network services. There are various ways businesses can protect themselves from potential cyber threats. Here is how you can too.


Cyber threats can appear in the form of computer viruses, using a phishing tactic or clickbait to false links, authorization hacking and much more. Investing in an outsourcer that services computer and network security can help with monitoring, integration of antivirus software programs, installation of business firewall devices, dark web scans and more. The computer security work is done for you so that you can focus on your business and the things that matter most.


Employees are more susceptible to potential cyber threats as they are more vulnerable to fall for false impersonation of higher power organization branches. All employees should therefore go through a security awareness training program that teaches safety around insider threats, strong passwords and updating passwords frequently, unauthorized software downloads and having a general familiarity with safe internet usage. Employees help keep the company running and with built-in cyber security knowledge, the risks of getting scammed are vastly reduced.


Most of the cyber threats occur online, but a lack in proper physical security can also cause technology security breaches. The IT security solutions create safe environments for everyone in the workplace allowing the use of security measures such as smart cards, FOBS, tags, RFID access and much more. The use of encryption is especially useful to prevent data access. With close monitoring, video management software and video analytics also help with reducing alarm rates and include facial recognition for safe identity access.

Avoid becoming a target and hire a technology advocate to protect your business against potential cyber threats. Let’s join forces as we become your technology partners for your business. We help make network security and management possible. Book an appointment today with Castle Tech or download the security checklist on our website at We offer computer management, network security, and much more for clients in Daphne, Alabama and surrounding areas.

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