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Why We Chose To Be a Uniti Fiber Business Referral Partner


At Castle Technology Partners, we value our referral partnership with Uniti Fiber so much. We had such a blast teaming up with them for this testimonial video!


 From Kate Wagner:

Castle Technology Partners is a managed service provider, and we help small to medium-sized businesses with our IT. We also help with printers and just basic computer things, computer networks, cybersecurity issues, antivirus software, cloud backups, and voiceover IP phone systems.

What sets Castle Technology Partners apart from our competitors is our level of client services and what we can provide from our team to our clients. When we hire technicians or people on our team, we’re hiring for that level of customer service first and then their technical experience, because we can teach you technical experience very easily, that stuff we can handle, but it’s difficult to teach someone how to have great customer service and so we really focus on that first.

One of the things I love most about my job here is empowering people through technology. That is really our mission at Castle, is to do that for our clients. We come in, learn about your business, learn the ins and outs, what your needs are, craft a solution for you. Coming in and helping clients, empowering them through technology to achieve their goals and their dreams is really what it’s about.

Here at Castle, in order to provide our clients with a level of service that they need and the services that we want to provide to them, it’s very, very important and critical for us to have good connectivity, specifically with internet. That’s really what led us to Uniti. We did a lot of research, a lot of due diligence on it to make sure that the uptime was good, that the customer service was good, that we knew when we came into work every day we were going to have internet connectivity.

One thing that I really love about Uniti, really the biggest thing other than them being continuous with their uptime and us not having to worry about that, is their level of customer service. Everyone is super, super responsive and friendly and easy to work with. They’re always looking to improve, and because we are doing that here at Castle, I love that they are doing that as well.

Another thing I love about Uniti is the consistent up upload and download speed. You do a speed test, you are going to get the speed that you are paying for. I love that about Uniti. Other internet providers aren’t always consistent with that, and you may be paying for one and you’re not actually getting it. Here, it’s really important for us to get the speeds that we’re paying for and to have enough bandwidth for what we’re trying to do. Also, the low latency is a really big deal for us as well, and Uniti Fiber does a wonderful job with that. Another thing I love about Uniti is that it is a direct internet access connection. It is not something that’s shared with anybody else. One great level of security as well, what we’re getting is dedicated for us.

We chose to be a Uniti Fiber referral partner because we love Uniti so much. In our business, it’s a great solution for us and it’s super reliable with connectivity. When we go in and speak with our clients, or even someone that wants to be a client with us, we’re going to be honest about what we would recommend and come to them as if it were our business, what we would do for them and what we would do in their shoes. Recommending Uniti Fiber was one of the easiest things that we ever decided to do.

Our partnership with Uniti is a true partnership. What we’re doing together is empowering our clients together through technology and the services that we provide. When someone tells me they’re considering using Uniti Fiber, I say, “Go for it. Don’t hesitate, make the jump. We’ve done it, we love them, we recommend them. You won’t regret it.”

*The testimonial transcript has been edited from the original video content to provide an improved reading experience.

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