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Defend your castle from the worst with the best: our computer & network security services.

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Danger comes in all forms, including hackers, natural disasters, corrupted software and more. We offer security awareness training, antivirus software and business firewalls, as well as other computer & network security solutions. Reach out to our team today to learn more about protecting what matters most: your business.

Computer and Network Security


In the current business climate, antivirus software is more important than ever. With hackers becoming more sophisticated and cyber attacks on the rise, businesses need to take steps to protect their data. Antivirus software helps to protect against malware, spyware, and viruses that can damage computers and networks. It can also block phishing emails and other attempts to obtain sensitive information.

In addition, antivirus software can help to speed up computers and reduce the risk of crashes. As a result, it is essential for businesses to invest in antivirus software in order to protect their data and operations.

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Computer and Network Security

Custom Network Setups

Having a custom network setup for your business can offer a number of benefits and advantages. One key benefit is that custom network setups can be designed to perfectly meet the specific needs of your business. This means that you can have a network that is exactly tailored to the way your business operates, making it more efficient and effective.

Additionally, custom network setups can be more secure than off-the-shelf solutions, as they can be designed with security in mind from the ground up. This can help to protect your business from external threats and malicious attacks.

Custom Network Setups Castle Tech
Computer and Network Security

Business Firewalls

Businesses rely on firewalls to protect their networks from external threats. Business firewalls are devices that control traffic between networks, and they can be either hardware-based or software-based. Firewalls for Business typically use appliances, which are dedicated hardware devices that are installed between the business's network and the Internet. Business firewall appliances inspect incoming traffic and block any malicious traffic.

This helps to protect your business's network from attacks and other security threats. Firewalls for business are an essential part of any security strategy.

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Computer and Network Security

Email Phishing Simulations

Email phishing is a type of online scam in which criminals send fake email messages in an attempt to steal information about your business such as login credentials or financial information. Some email phishing examples often mimic messages from well-known companies or organizations in order to trick the recipient into clicking on a malicious link, warnings about a problem with your account, or notifications about a recent transaction.

Email phishing scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to spot, so it's important for business owners or organizations to be aware of the signs.

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Computer and Network Security

Security Awareness Training

In today's business world, computer and network security are essential. With so much of our work being done online, it's important that businesses take steps to protect their data. One way to do this is through our security awareness training that can help your employees understand the importance of security and what can be done to keep their data safe. It also teaches them how to spot potential security risks and how to respond if an incident does occur.

By investing in security awareness training, businesses can ensure that both their data and employees are protected against any security threats.

Security Awareness Training Castle Tech
Computer and Network Security

Dark Web Scans

There are a number of ways businesses can use dark web scans. For example, dark web scans can be used to monitor the sale of sensitive information, such as customer data or business secrets. They can also be used to track the activity of employees who may be accessing the dark web without permission. Additionally, dark web scans can be used to identify potential security vulnerabilities, such as unpatched software or exposed login credentials.

By regularly conducting dark web scans, businesses can gain valuable insights into the threats they face and take steps to protect their data and systems.

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At Castle Technology Partners, our mission is to empower businesses by fostering an easy-to-use and reliable technology environment. 

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How Castle Protects Your Business


In today’s business world and the advent of the internet, businesses are now able to share information with people all over the world. However, this also means that there are more opportunities for hackers to gain access to sensitive information. Our managed computer & network security services can help protect your business from these threats and ensure that your data is always safe from unauthorized access. 

Builds Trust & Confidence

Builds Trust & Confidence

By protecting networks from unauthorized access or malicious activity, your business can build trust and confidence among employees, customers, and partners.

Protects Data

Protects Data

By taking steps to secure your businesses network and computer systems, you can ensure that confidential information is protected and reduce the risk of a data breach.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

In addition, a network security system can help to improve your company's bottom line by reducing the costs associated with data breaches and other security incidents.

Mitigates Risk

Mitigates Risk

By implementing network security measures, your business can mitigate risk and protect network systems from threats including viruses, hacking, and data breaches.

Improved Productivity

Improved Productivity

By modernizing network security, businesses can take advantage of new technologies that make it easier to identify and resolve issues within the network more quickly.

Enhanced Compliance

Enhanced Compliance

Network security can help to improve compliance with regulatory requirements. By ensuring that data is properly protected, businesses can avoid costly penalties and damages.

Computer & Network Security Solutions that protect your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

network security FAQ’s

Network security is the process of protecting networked systems and data from unauthorized access or theft. There are several layers of network security, each designed to protect different parts of the network. Firewalls are one type of network security that can be used to protect networked systems from outside threats. Firewalls work by blocking incoming traffic that may be harmful to the network. Another type of network security is encryption, which scrambles data so that it can only be read by authorized users. Network security also includes authentication, which is the process of verifying that a user is who they claim to be. Network security is essential for protecting data and preventing unauthorized access to networked systems.

Network security can be divided into two main categories: physical and logical. Physical security focuses on protecting the network infrastructure from damage or theft. This includes measures such as installing firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encrypting data. Logical security, on the other hand, focuses on protecting network data from unauthorized access. This includes measures such as authentication and authorization controls, data encryption, and access control lists. Network security is essential for any organization that relies on networked systems to conduct business. By implementing the appropriate security measures, businesses can protect their network infrastructure and data from damage or theft.

Businesses of all types are increasingly at risk for cyber attacks. As businesses become more reliant on technology, they become more vulnerable to cybercriminals. Hackers can exploit weaknesses in businesses’ systems to gain access to sensitive data, wreak havoc on operations, or even extort businesses for ransom. While no business is completely safe from a cyber attack, small businesses and businesses in certain industries are particularly at risk. Small businesses often lack the resources to invest in robust cybersecurity measures, making them an easy target for hackers.

In addition, businesses in the healthcare, financial services, and retail sectors are often targeted by hackers due to the sensitive nature of the data they handle. As cyber attacks become more common and more sophisticated, businesses must take steps to protect themselves. Investing in strong cybersecurity measures is essential for any business that wants to stay safe in the digital age.

If you suspect that your computer or network has been the victim of a cyber attack, there are a few steps you should take immediately. First, try to determine what type of attack has occurred. This will help you to take the appropriate steps to mitigate the damage and protect your data. If you believe that your system has been infected with malware, run a full scan with your antivirus software. If you suspect that your system has been hacked, change all of your passwords and enable two-factor authentication if possible. Finally, report the incident to the proper authorities, such as the police or your ISP.

By taking these steps, you can help to minimize the damage caused by a cyber attack.  Castle Technology Partners provides a number of cyber security options for small businesses to protect you in the event of a data breach or any type of cyber incident. For more information, please contact us today.

Any business that relies on the Internet to function needs to be aware of the dangers of cybercrime. Hackers can use a variety of methods to gain access to confidential information, and once they have breached a system, they can wreak havoc. One way to protect against such attacks is to invest in business firewall protection. Firewalls act as a barrier between a company's network and the outside world, and they can be customized to meet the specific needs of an organization. By carefully restricting incoming and outgoing traffic, firewalls can help to prevent hackers from gaining access to sensitive data.

In addition, firewalls can also be used to block unwanted content, such as spam or viruses. As the threats to businesses continue to evolve, investing in comprehensive firewall protection has become essential for any company that wants to stay safe online.

In the modern age, businesses have to be proactive about cybersecurity. The internet has made it easy for criminals to access sensitive information, and a data breach can jeopardize the safety of both customers and employees. One way to help protect your business is to regularly get a dark web scan. The dark web is a hidden part of the internet where criminals buy and sell stolen data. By regularly scanning the dark web, you can help identify any compromised information before it's too late.

In addition, a dark web scan can also help you monitor your employees' online activity and make sure they're not putting your business at risk. By taking these steps, you can help keep your business safe from identity theft and other online crimes.

One of the biggest network security challenges that businesses face is protecting their data from cyberattacks. Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to break into network systems, and businesses need to be vigilant in order to keep their data safe. One way to do this is by investing in strong network security systems and keeping them up-to-date.

Another way to reduce the risk of cyberattacks is by educating employees on network security best practices. By taking these measures, businesses can help protect themselves from the ever-growing threat of cybercrime.